• The Portland Trail Blazers stunned the Oklahoma City Thunder in the final seconds of game five in the first round of the playoffs. Point guard Damian Lillard scored 50 points and shot the 3-pointer that clinched the game. Casey Holdahl, digital reporter for the Blazers, tells us what the game felt like on the ground.



  • Nearly 20 years ago, Tennessee and its child welfare department faced a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the children in the state’s care. The state settled the lawsuit and spent 16 years implementing reform and demonstrating that the system was producing better results for children. Following news of a similar class action in Oregon and our series exploring Tennessee’s prevention approach to child welfare, we talk with Judith Meltzer with The Center for the Study of Social Policy. The Center recently released a case study of how Tennessee responded to its lawsuit.



  • How does genocide happen? Can anything be done to prevent it? Samir Mustafic survived genocide in Bosnia. Rosalyn Kliot’s parents met in a concentration camp in Estonia. We learn how their experiences have shaped them, and what we all can learn from that trauma.

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