The Burnside bridge in downtown Portland. 

The Burnside bridge in downtown Portland. 

Alan Sylvestre/OPB

  • Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson catches us up on the latest seismic upgrades planned for the Burnside bridge. It’s one of the few designated lifeline corridors, running through downtown and the entire city in both directions.
  • We talk about how reliable the forensic science of fingerprinting is with Carrie Leonetti, a University of Oregon law professor. The Oregon Court of Appeals is hearing a case this week where a woman was convicted solely on the strength of fingerprint evidence.
  • Sankar Raman immigrated to the U.S. from India in the 1980s to study engineering. After retiring from Oregon’s tech industry last year, he launched The Immigrant Story, a portraiture and storytelling project meant to build empathy and humanity for immigrants and refugees in the United States. The project is currently seeking submissions for its “Our Diversity Is Our Strength” photo contest.
  • Former Portland Mountain Rescue volunteer Chris Muldoon wrote about his experiences working in search and rescue for the website He joins us to talk about his essay.

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