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Bullying in School

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You may have been hearing about school bullying more than usual lately. Much of the recent media attention has focused on gay bullying and the recent spate of gay teen suicides. We touched on Portland author Dan Savage’s anti-bullying response to those suicides in a show we did last week. But bullying affects school kids for a variety of reasons, and in nearly every grade

Morgan Russell can attest to that. She hated going to school — not the school work or the learning — just physically being at school. She says she was bullied from elementary thorugh high school, with the worst bullying in middle school. She was physically attacked, shoved, tripped, called names and followed. Her family was not supportive. She says she contemplated suicide, and if it weren’t for her relationship with one or two people, she may not have made it.

Russell is now 47-years-old. She lives in La Grande, far away from her Chicago school district where her bullying took place. But she says she still carries the emotional scars with her to this day.

Were you bullied as a child? Were you a bully? Is your child involved in bullying? How did you handle it? How is it affecting your family? How effective is the anti-bullying program that your school offers?


  • Ben Nally: 17-year-old high school senior at Hockinson High School in Washington
  • Emily de la Cruz: Associate Professor of Education at Portland State University
  • Joan Duffell: Executive director of the Committee for Children
  • Morgan Russell: Bullied in school, partner of a bullied child
  • Suzanne Dixon: Bullied and was bullied in middle school
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