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Cambodia Stories

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In 1975, the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. An estimated twenty percent of the population died in the next four years. It was one of the 20th century’s worst genocides, perhaps made known most widely through the film The Killing Fields.

Many refugees escaped Cambodia during that time and soon after. Those who came to Oregon recently finished a community oral history project, an effort to help survivors tell their experiences with their children. Some are also sharing their stories as testimony in the UN tribunal set up two years ago to bring a few Khmer Rouge leaders to trial. We’ll hear those stories, and explore the debate among Cambodians about whether to testify.

Do you have any connection to Cambodia? Did the Khmer Rouge period touch your life in any way? Or has another genocide, in another time and place?


  • Chhunny Sok, survivor of the Khmer Rogue, mother of two, volunteer with the Cambodian American Community of Oregon
  • Kimberly Im, eldest daughter of Chhunny Sok
  • Chanty Chut, survivor of the Khmer Rogue, father of four.
  • Leakhena Nou, Assistant professor of sociology, California State University Long Beach. Founding directof of the Applied Social Research Institute of Cambodia, which is collecting testimony from Cambodian immigrants in the trial of Khmer Rogue leaders.
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