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Candidate Conversation: 5th District

Pete Springer/OPB

Our series of Candidate Conversations continues with a look at Oregon’s 5th Congressional District, which stretches from the central coast, through Salem and the southern part of Portland, to Mt. Hood. Like a lot of people whose names are on the November ballot, incumbent Kurt Schrader and his opponent, Scott Bruun have focused their campaigns heavily on economic issues. Healthcare and the issue of privatizing Social Security have also come up quite a bit.

Bruun, a Republican, emphasizes his experience in the Oregon Legislature, while Democrat Schrader has played up his accomplishments as a freshman Congressman. The race has gotten some national attention as a close race that could tip the scales in the House. While the election is likely to break down along party lines, both candidates have some level of bipartisan appeal.

Schrader may have garnered some positive attention from right-leaning voters this month with an endorsement from the National Rifle Association. (The NRA gave both candidates an “A” grade for their stances on gun rights.) Bruun will be listed on the ballot as both a Republican nominee and a candidate for the Independent Party of Oregon, which could give him broader appeal.

Do you live in the 5th district? What’s the most important issue for you right now? Do you know how you’re planning to vote? What questions would you like to ask these candidates?

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