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Candidate Conversation: Chris Dudley

Pete Springer/OPB

a href=”/thinkoutloud/blog/question-time/#jjprof-10-05-10-18-41” target=”_blank”>John France wonders if the next governor will resign if he isn’t able to keep his campaign promises. Bluewater42 wants to know if money is corrupting the election process. And lifegrabit asks:

In a time of increasing national and subsequently political polarization, candidates continue to promise the public programs that require bipartisan expertise. What skills and successes has each candidate demonstrated that might predict his or his success in working across party lines, for the benefit of the general public and not their party—or their reelection—alone?

These are just a few of the many questions we have gathered, so far, for when we sit down with the candidates running for governor. Well now that time has come — or at least come in part. On this show we’ll meet up with Republican candidate, Chris Dudley — and a group of his supporters — at the Flying J Travel Plaza in La Grande. It’s part way through his final campaign bus tour across the state.

With less than two weeks before election day, the race for governor is tight. Two recent surveys show the candidates in essentially a dead heat. (Watch for a new survey from OPB News to be released soon). Have you decided who you are voting for? Do you have a question you’d like to ask Republican candidate Chris Dudley? Post it in a comment below — or on our questions page!

Editor’s Note: Our invitation is out to Democratic candidate, John Kitzhaber, but to date his campaign has refused our interview requests.

And since the two candidates have only participated in one debate, OPB News has created a virtual debate where you can check out both of their answers to a variety of issues. Check it out here.

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