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Candidate Conversations: Secretary of State

A conversation with the candidates seeking a job many consider the second most important in the state%3A Secretary of State.

Secretary of state candidates Kate Brown and Rick Dancer have difficult jobs before them. They both are trying to convince voters that they are best qualified for what many consider the second most important job in Oregon?s state government.

The secretary of state not only oversees the election and initiative process, he or she also serves with the governor and state treasurer in the State Land Board, in addition to overseeing state audits, corporations and archives.

Democratic candidate Kate Brown, a state senator from Portland, was first voted into office in 1991, and served two terms with the Oregon House of Representatives before being elected to Senate in 1996. In addition to her political work, Brown has taught at Portland State University, and advocated for the LGBTQ community and working families. Her campaign platform includes cracking down on initiative fraud, opening doors to new business, and supporting campaign finance reform.

Republican candidate Rick Dancer is a retired television news anchor from Springfield who takes pride in being new to politics. He often refers to himself as the candidate who is not a professional politician. Dancer?s campaign platform includes making the secretary of state office non-partisan, raising Oregon’s voter registration requirements to the federal level, and community led redistricting.

Have you decided whom to vote for as the next secretary of state? Or do you have questions for the candidates that will help you decide? How do you think the election and initiative process should be run?


Kate Brown: Oregon State Senator and Democratic candidate for Oregon Secretary of State

Rick Dancer: retired television journalist and Republican candidate for Oregon Secretary of State

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