San Francisco's DA recently announced that some Californians will have their marijuana convictions erased.

San Francisco’s DA recently announced that some Californians will have their marijuana convictions erased.

Alan Sylvestre/OPB

  • Seth Woolley, a software engineer and Pacific Green Party member, is the driving force behind multiple elections law complaints related to Portland’s 2018 City Council race. Most notably, he’s called for Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith to resign from her county seat, accusing her of violating the county charter after announcing her intentions as a city candidate. Woolley joins us to talk more about the motivation behind his complaints.
  • The federal Department of Labor is considering a regulatory change to allow restaurant owners to require tip pooling between tipped employees (like servers) and back-of-house employees (like kitchen staff). Restauranteurs say tip pooling promotes camaraderie and pay equity. But worker advocates are concerned about a loophole in the proposal that would allow owners to keep some of the tips for other purposes. We’ll hear from John Gorham, chef/owner of Toro Bravo Inc, and Jon Egan, a wage/hours law attorney, about how the debate is playing out in Oregon.

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