Smoke from the Eagle Creek Wildfire fills the Columbia River Gorge.

Smoke from the Eagle Creek Wildfire fills the Columbia River Gorge.

Conrad Wilson/OPB



  • Car thefts in Portland have been on the rise since a 2014 Oregon Court of Appeals ruling made it more difficult to prosecute car thieves. So far this year, nearly 6,000 cars have been stolen in the city. We hear from “Willamette Week” reporter Katie Shepherd, who recently did an investigative report.



  • Hiking trails and facilities like Multnomah Lodge are opening up for the first time since the Eagle Creek Fire. We hear from Thunder Island Brewing co-owner and Cascade Locks resident Caroline Park about what life is like in the Gorge these days. And we talk to Friends of the Columbia Gorge executive director Kevin Gorman about what people can expect when they visit their favorite outdoor recreation spots.



  • Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis took office in January. We talk to her as she approaches one year in office, about how people are feeling in downtown after a concerted public safety effort, including a downtown dog ban that’s just expired. We’ll also talk about the progress the city’s made in housing its homeless population, and some of the staffing issues the police bureau is facing.

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