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Carcinogenic Phones?

Pete Springer/OPB

For years, some activists have raised questions about the health risks associated with radiation from cell phones. This week they got a huge boost with the announcement from the World Health Organization (WHO) that radiation from cell phones is, in fact, a possible carcinogen. That’s still far short of establishing a causal link with any disease, and industry representatives have been quick to point out that WHO puts coffee and pickled vegetables in the same category.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Oregon senator Chip Shields introduced a bill that would have required warning labels on cell phones sold in the state detailing the dangers of radio-frequency radiation. That bill died in committee, but David Morrison — the constituent whom Shields introduced the bill for — says he’s not stopping his efforts to get the issue out in front of the public. Morrison first became interested in radio-frequency radiation when the school his daughter attended erected a cell phone tower on school property. He says he hopes the new WHO report makes people think twice about how they use their phones.

What concerns do you have about radiation from your phone? Does this new report change the way you use your cell phone? What questions do you have about this new WHO report?

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