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Carrie Brownstein and Portlandia

Pete Springer/OPB

Few recent local pop culture offerings have gotten as much play as this trailer for Portlandia, the new cable show making a “dreamy and absurd rendering” of Portland:

Portlandia will debut on IFC on January 21st, with a premiere at Portland’s Hollywood Theater on the 14th. The series stars Carrie Brownstein and SNL comedian Fred Armisen, and has been the talk of the town for months now. Much of the coverage has focused on the question of whether or not the show will be “making fun” of the city. But then there was this satirical take from Live Wire, in which Portlanders’ fears of being mocked give way to excitement for the national spotlight.

Portlandia started out as Thunderant, a series of internet comedy sketches by Brownstein and Armisen. Here’s “Portland Pet Haven,” from a few years ago:

Before Thunderant and Portlandia, Carrie Brownstein was already a northwest cultural force from her time in Sleater-Kinney. And she’s been very busy since then: she’s in the new band Wild Flag (which is playing on January 12 at Portland’s Bunk Bar), and she has a book in the works. (Recent past jobs have included blogging about music for NPR and a brief stint at Wieden & Kennedy.)

She’s joining us this hour to talk about Portlandia and Portland, punk and comedy, writing and acting. What questions do you have for her?

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