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What can graveyards tell us about the places where we live?

If you’ve tuned in to opbmusic lately, you may have heard some cuts from “Dearly Departed,” the CD put out by Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery to raise money for the upkeep of this historic burial ground. As the songs on this compilation demonstrate, Lone Fir and other final resting places can offer a window into history. We’ll take a little peek through that window tomorrow on Think Out Loud as we hear about historic cemeteries around the state.

The Jacksonville Cemetery in southern Oregon contains the bodies of the town’s first recorded residents. Portland’s Lone Fir Cemetery is home to the remains of the city’s early luminaries such as Asa Lovejoy and Dr. James Hawthorne. A walk through Bridal Veil’s cemetery can tell you a lot about this Oregon ghost town’s better days. Like Friends of Lone Fir, many of the people who care for these historic cemeteries have become creative about collecting donations to fund maintenance of the grounds and headstones.

Have you visited Oregon’s historic cemeteries? What did you learn there? What can graveyards tell us about the places where we live?

**EXTRA** Click here to see an audio slideshow of the Lone Fir Cemetery with photos by OPB’s Pete Springer and audio by April Baer. If you missed April’s full story on Morning Edition Friday morning, you can hear it here.


Photo credit: Pete Springer/OPB

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