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Checking In With Charlie Hales

Pete Springer/OPB

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales has been busy since he was sworn in in January. He addressed gun control in his first mayoral press conference. More recently, he’s had to answer questions about a city employee who was arrested in connection with a suicide bombing in Pakistan.

Last week, Hales made news by stepping in to stop a controversial apartment building going up on SE Division Street. Neighbors object to the project mainly because of a lack of on-site parking. Hales is requiring developers apply for a new permit so that neighborhood residents can have more information about the project.

Taking a page out of former mayor Vera Katz’s playbook, Hales has temporarily taken control of all city bureaus during the contentious budgeting process. Commissioners won’t get their bureau assignments until May. He’s already pared down his own costs by hiring a much smaller staff than his predecessor, Sam Adams.

Do you live in Portland? What grade would you give Charlie Hales for his first three months in office? What would you like to ask the mayor?

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