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Checking in with the Teachers Union

Pete Springer/OPB

Last week President Obama announced that his administration would grant waivers from No Child Left Behind (NCLB) to states that proved they met certain standards. The waivers have been supported by many education advocates that found NCLB too test-based and too unforgiving for under-performing schools.

But the administration mandates states to use teacher evaluations in order to be granted a waiver — something that unions have traditionally opposed.

Yesterday we checked in with Governor Kitzhaber’s education advisor, Ben Cannon, to get his thoughts on the NCLB waivers. Today we’ll see what Oregon’s teachers union — the Oregon Education Association (OEA) — thinks about the waivers. We’ll also check in about the union’s broader goals in the near future.

What are your questions for the OEA? Should teacher evaluations be mandated?


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