Jeremy Christian is brought into the court.

Jeremy Christian is brought into the court.

Brooke Herbert/The Oregonian/OregonLive/Pool



  • The trial of Jeremy Christian continues, and the defense presents its case this week. Christian is charged with stabbing three men, killing two, on a TriMet MAX train in May 2017. OPB’s Meerah Powell is covering the trial and joins us for an update.



  • When a patient infected with a communicable disease like the novel coronavirus gets sick in Oregon, county health officials are on the front lines to respond. Dr. Jennifer Vines, Lead Health Officer at the Multnomah County Health Department says they are ready. Vines walks us through what the county-level response to a communicable disease looks like.



  • The family-run timber company Hyla Woods prioritizes the health of its forests over profits. Peter Hayes, the forester for Hyla Woods, wants more timber companies to consider climate change prevention in their policies. Hayes is a supporter of cap-and-trade legislation Oregon lawmakers are considering and joins us to discuss his thoughts on the timber industry and climate legislation.

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