Downtown Portland, Oregon, viewed from the Broadway Bridge.

Downtown Portland, Oregon, viewed from the Broadway Bridge.

ADavey / Flickr

  • The rates of chronic absenteeism in Oregon schools is worse than in schools in many other states around the country. A new plan, along with new funding, may make a difference. We’ll hear all about it from Carla Wade, interim director of data operations and grants management at the Oregon Department of Education and Kenan Ginsberg, an attendance specialist in the David Douglas School District.
  • Portland recently signed a declaration which sets the goal of having new buildings be carbon neutral by 2030. We discuss what that means with Andria Jacob, senior manager of energy programs and policy with Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.
  • What do Blue Star Donuts, Little Big Burger and Boxer Ramen all have in common? They were all co-founded by Micah Camden. The Portland restaurateur joins us to discuss his rise from self-taught chef to restaurant mogul.

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