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Climate Change Bills | Music Of Grief | Sports Marketing | World Championship Irish Dancing

  • Democratic lawmakers in Salem have a majority, and one of the things they’re determined to do is pass climate change legislation — high on the list is a cap-and-trade system. Cassandra Profita joins us to tell us about the variety of bills under consideration.
  • Former Oregonian classical music critic David Stabler is teaching a series of music appreciation classes. We get a preview of his March 26 class, “The Music of Grieving.”
  • Two companies are doing nearly all of the marketing for university sports teams across the country. We talk to Matthew Kish, the reporter from the Portland Business Journal who broke the story.
  • Four young people from the Portland area will be headed to Ireland soon for the Irish Dancing World Championships. We chat with Geraldine Murray, who has been training dancers for over twenty years, and Abby Cosart, a 17-year-old from Tualatin.

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