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Clinton and the Generational Gender Divide

Clinton and Gender in Oregon

Senator Hillary Clinton is coming to Oregon this weekend. In anticipation of her visit we’re looking at how gender has played out in this long run to the presidential nomination. And how women as a whole are succeeding, and failing, in today’s so-called post-feminist era.

Senator Clinton has been described by some as “the feminist dream incarnate.” Others think that’s bunk. They say women are doing just fine today, thank you very much. They believe we don’t need to elect a woman as president just to prove equality.

And those differences are — often — marked on generational lines.

Pioneering women, like the Honorable Betty Roberts, feel compelled to vote for her because she is a woman. They look back at how hard they worked to break through the glass ceiling and feel they need to support Senator Clinton’s push through the highest ceiling of all.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the young women who are agitated by the fact that gender is even an issue. They don’t necessarily describe themselves as feminists, and they certainly don’t feel obliged to vote for Clinton because she is female.

What does this generational divide on gender say about feminism today?

This has been dubbed the “post-feminist” era (and also, among many other designations, Third-Wave Feminist). What does that mean to you? As a woman, or a man, do you consider yourself a feminist? Or is that is a dated term? Do you believe men and women are truly equal today?

Photo credit: Daniella Zalcman / Flickr / Creative Commons

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