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Combatting Sexual Assault On College Campuses

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The White House recently released the names of 55 colleges and universities which were under investigation by the Department of Education. The investigations pertain to allegations that those universities incorrectly responded to allegations of sexual assault by members of the student body. In its report, the task force says that survivors are often not taken seriously when they report an assault.

“Students don’t report for a number of reasons,” says Jennifer Freyd, a professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. “And institutions don’t often help because they are trying to save their reputations.”

What Freyd calls “institutional betrayal” is one reason that these colleges and universities are being investigated. Under Title IX, universities are required to give support to those who have been assaulted. 

Do you have experience with sexual assault on a college campus? Did you report it? Why or why not?


  • Jennifer Freyd: Professor of psychology at the University of Oregon
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