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Coming out of Copenhagen

Pete Springer/OPB

Friday marks the last day of two weeks of the international climate change meeting that’s now become known by the city in which it’s being held: Copenhagen. Whereas there is broad international scientific consensus that climate change is spurred on by human activity, it seems the consensus ends there.

Before the conference even began, expectations were firmly tamped down. During the course of the conference there were frequent — sometimes violent — protests and reports released about the costs of combatting climate change, as well as its relentless progression. There does appear to be an agreement on the role of forests in managing climate change, but a broader international treaty is not expected to materialize.

What were you hoping or expecting would come out of the UN climate change summit? What’s your take away from Copenhagen? Were you motivated to take any action locally because of what you heard about the summit? What are you personally doing — or not doing — to combat climate change?


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