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Community Courts | Portland Parks | Drag Queen Storytime

Children play make-believe in the Keller Fountain Park in downtown Portland.

Children play make-believe in the Keller Fountain Park in downtown Portland.

Kaylee Domzalski/OPB



  • Eugene Weekly reporter Kaylee Tornay joins us to talk about the new “community court” program in Eugene to try to help people arrested for crimes associated with homelessness in the downtown area.



  • We talk with Portland Parks and Recreation director Mike Abatte and hear listeners’ questions about the future of Portland parks. How do you use the parks near you? What changes would you like to see?



  • A Portland bookstore has been hosting Drag Queen Story Time events, inviting local drag queens to read books to children and send a positive message about diversity. Their next event is coming up this Saturday. We learn more from Green Bean Books employee Robin Anderson, and drag queen Clare Apparently (also known as TransActive Gender Center employee Kit Crosland), who read at a July event.

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