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USFWS On Malheur | SOTU Preview | Guns At PSU | Talking Business

Guns for sale at a Portland gun show.

Guns for sale at a Portland gun show.

Dave Blanchard/OPB

  • Assistant regional director of the Pacific region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Jason Holm reacts to armed occupiers at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge removing a fence on federal land.
  • Oregon Institute of Technology student Lydia Doza tells us about her work getting Native American youth interested in science and math. It’s earned her an invite to the State of the Union address as a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • We talk with Kendra Moon, president of a right-to-carry group at PSU, and with the Michele Toppe, the Dean of Students, about their perspectives about the appropriate role of guns on campus.
  • Suzanne Stevens, editor of the Portland Business Journal, joins us for our regular update on the important business stories of the region.

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