Roasted coffee beans cool down.

Roasted coffee beans cool down.

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  • We talk with Oregon State University’s tsunami expert, Patrick Corcoran, about a bill Gov. Kate Brown just signed into law. It lifts a 25-year-old ban on new construction of certain types of buildings (like schools and police stations) in coastal areas that are prone to damage from tsunamis.



  • Last year’s departure of the Oregon Bach Festival’s artistic director, Matthew Halls, left fractures in the classical music community in Eugene and big questions about how the festival should move forward. Just days before this year’s three-week-long festival, the University of Oregon’s dean of the music and dance department, which runs OBF, announced the departure of the festival’s controversial executive director, Janelle McCoy. As Eugene Weekly arts editor Bob Keefer tells us, this year’s programs are markedly different from past years’ and many are hoping the once-world-renowned festival can regain its former glory.



  • We hear about new developments in treating certain kinds of concussions. The University of Oregon has teamed up with local practitioners to create a Youth Concussion Management Team. UO professor McKay Sohlberg and patient Benjamin Smeltzer join us to explain how the system works and how it’s different from past approaches. 



  • Nossa Familia Coffee started charging an extra 25 cents to customers that used a to-go cup for their drinks this year. We talk to marketing and sustainability director Karen Lickteig on the reasoning behind the charge and how customers have responded to it.

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