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The Congressional Races

Pete Springer/OPB

In this so-called off year election, election watchers say the main factor in the outcome of most races will be “getting out the vote.” Some candidates are duking it out on the airwaves in the form of political ads, with the occasional joint appearance. Despite a certain anti-incumbent sentiment around the country, the Oregon congressional delegation appears to be largely bucking that trend. One exception is the relatively close race in the 5th district, which we talked about in a previous show.

We’ve invited the rest of the congressional candidates on to the show — and for the most part the incumbents are unwilling, or unable, to appear. So we went to them. We spoke with many of them on tape, and we’ll hear excerpts from those interviews on this show. We’ll also speak with political scientists about the emerging themes in the Oregon races and the open seat across the river in Washington’s 3rd district.

What issues are most important to you as you vote for your congressional representative? Has your current representative lived up to your expectations? Who are you leaning toward voting for? Why? How much attention do you pay to political advertising?


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