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"Constructs" Show At Disjecta Treats Walls As Art

A mother and her children look at Pablo Rasgado's work at the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.

A mother and her children look at Pablo Rasgado’s work at the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.

Dave Miller/OPB

According to curator Rachel Adams, “the wall becomes a forum for experimentation that highlights the architecture of gallery space” in Disjecta’s new exhibition called “Constructs.” Adams is the Portland gallery’s current curator in residence and “Constructs” is her penultimate show at Disjecta. She selected three artists for the exhibition: Laura Vandenburgh, Nathan Green, and Pablo Rasgado. All of them use the walls and Disjecta’s cavernous space in different ways. Rasgado’s work uses fragments extracted from existing walls in cities all over the world to create an elaborate, textured collage.

We’ll hear from curator Rachel Adams and artist Pablo Rasgado about “Constructs.”

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