Dave Blanchard/OPB

Gun rights and gun control have been on the minds of Oregonians lately. There was the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College earlier this month that left nine people dead and nine more wounded. And before that, the state’s newest gun law went into effect on Aug. 9.

The new law requires background checks for for private gun sales — when guns are sold from one individual to another, rather than in a shop or at a gun show. It passed in the 2015 legislative session, despite opposition from many gun owners.

This hour, we take a look at guns and gun laws in Oregon from a variety of perspectives.

We’ll talk about how this new law has affected gun owners and firearms dealers in Oregon, discuss a measure on the November ballot in Coos County that’s designed to challenge gun control laws, and delve into some of the misconceptions around the relationship between gun control legislation and mental illness. We’ll also discuss the delicate balance between suicide prevention and upholding individual rights.