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Cookbook Celebrates Five Years At Le Pigeon

Pete Springer/OPB

Go in to the Portland restaurant, Le Pigeon, for the first time and you may be taken by surprise by some items on the menu:

  • Foie Gras johnny cake, miso, camembert, nectarine, green beans
  • Pigeon breast, wonton, hot sauce butter, grilled onion
  • Beef cheek bourguignon

This is the creativity of award-winning chef Gabriel Rucker. He’s been the main creative force behind Le Pigeon for five years now. In fact, the restaurant got its name from the tattoo on Rucker’s arm. Now he’s collaborated with his colleagues to take the recipes from his mind and put them onto paper with the publication of his first cookbook, Le Pigeon: Cooking at the Dirty Bird.

Part recipes, part stories, part nod to other Portland establishments, the book brings Le Pigeon home for people. Have you ever considered cooking grilled lamb’s tongue, toasted foie gras, or roasted pigeon? This might just make you want to.

What questions do you have for Gabriel Rucker or his general manager and sommelier, Andrew Fortgang?


  • Gabriel Rucker: chef and co-owner of Le Pigeon and Little Bird
  • Andrew Fortgang: manager, sommelier, and co-owner of Le Pigeon and Little Bird

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