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This week, the Portland Public School Board voted to allow “counter-recruiters” at Portland’s public high schools. Counter-recruiters represent organizations like American Friends Service Committee and the Military & Draft Counseling Project that provide information about military service and recruitment that is meant to dissuade students from joining the military.

The No Child Left Behind law allowed military recruiters as much access to high schools as college and job recruiters already had. Organizations that oppose the military’s presence in schools or their recruitment tactics have not been granted similar access and have often picketed off of school grounds. Portland Public Schools decided that counter-recruiters should now be allowed at any school the military goes to, in order to encourage students to be “fully aware of the pros and cons of military service.”

Are you a student at a Portland high school? Do you want to see counter-recruiters alongside military recruiters in the hallways? Are you a military recruiter or counter-recruiter? What is your message to students? 

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