Sand labyrinths in Bandon, Oregon

Sand labyrinths in Bandon, Oregon

Courtesy of Denny Dyke/Circles in the Sand



  • As the number of new coronavirus cases and deaths from COVID-19 climb in the U.S., prevention recommendations remain largely unchanged. However, an increasing number of events are being canceled out of an abundance of caution and the nationwide economic impacts are adding up. Eugene-based, independent global public health expert Ethan Guillen says the U.S. does not seem to be learning from China’s experience with the virus. He joins us to discuss what the U.S. can learn from similar viral outbreaks and what he thinks governments and public health officials should be doing differently.



  • Crows thrive in urban landscapes, recognize human faces, and even have funerals for their dead. Kaeli Swift is a Washington-based researcher who has just co-authored a new study on crow brain activity. She joins us to talk about the inner lives of crows.



  • Circles in the Sand artists create massive drawings on the beaches of Bandon. These temporary creations are used by visitors from all over the world as walking meditation paths. The team draws on traditions that stretch back thousands of years to create these modern works. We talk with the organization’s founder Denny Dyke and sand artist Bethe Patrick.

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