A crab pot with caught Dungeness crab inside, off the port of Port Orford. 

A crab pot with caught Dungeness crab inside, off the port of Port Orford. 

Arya Surowidjojo/OPB

  • Commercial crabbers in California and Oregon are suing more than 30 fossil fuel companies for damages from climate change. The crabbers claim that they suffered significant losses over the past few years due to warming waters. We’ll learn more about the complaint from Glen Spain, the Northwest regional director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) candidate for governor dropped out a week before election day, and the party is likely to revert back to its former minor status by 2020, unless lawmakers change the percentages required to maintain major party status. We’ll talk to IPO co-chair Rob Harris about the future of the party and what he sees as the role of third parties in American democracy.
  • Oregon State University professor Jeff Barnes has devoted much of his career to studying the atmosphere on Mars. He lent his expertise to NASA’s Mars InSight mission, which landed a probe on the red planet this week.

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