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Governor's CRC Advisor Under Investigation

Pete Springer/OPB

Governor John Kitzhaber’s top advisor on the now-abandoned Columbia River Crossing (CRC) is under investigation by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission. After a Willamette Week cover story highlighted Patricia McCaig’s role as a consultant for a contractor working on the CRC, two individuals filed complaints with the commission over potential conflicts of interest in her dual roles. 

A preliminary investigation (pdf) suggests there is “a substantial objective basis to believe” that McCaig may have violated as many as eight state statutes with her actions. In a letter to the Ethics Commission, McCaig said, “There is no real or perceived conflict of interest.” Regarding her capacity as a consultant for the contractor David Evans and Associates, McCaig said, “I was not talking to or corresponding with a legislative official to influence or attempt to influence legislative action.” 

The commission has 180 days to conclude its investigation. 

Are you concerned with Patricia McCaig’s connections to a contractor working on the CRC?


  • Andrea Damewood: Willamette Week reporter
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