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Union Vote Will Determine Boeing's Next Move

File photo of a Boeing 777 jetliner

File photo of a Boeing 777 jetliner


Boeing machinists will vote Friday on a contract that could determine whether or not the wings for the new 777X will be built in Washington. The vote has serious implications for the future of Washington’s aerospace industry. If the machinists reject the contract, which some say is likely, the company may take thousands of its jobs elsewhere.

In November, the Washington Legislature convened a special session to extend tax breaks to Boeing through 2040, specifically to ensure that 777X production would stay in the state. Just days after that special session, the machinist union voted to reject the contract that would have guaranteed the 777X work would stay in Washington.

Now, elected officials are strongly encouraging the machinists to rethink that move and vote to approve the contract on Friday.


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