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Crooked River Roundup

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The Crooked River Roundup website proudly states that, “rodeo is in the blood of the water that runs through Crook County.” The rodeo’s president, Dean Noyes, no doubt agrees with this. He’s been in the position for five years and considers himself a “short-timer” compared to many of the other community members who have been involved for over 20 years.

Noyes says he used to go to the rodeo all the time as a kid. So now, he’s involved partly for nostalgia, and partly because he wants to raise his three children in the rodeo culture. He says:

The concept of sportsmanship in the rodeo is truly admirable. It is the tenacity of getting kicked off a horse and getting back on.

The rodeo has been a bit part of life in Crook County since 1945. The annual event takes place this weekend. We’ll find out how the local economy — in this depressed region of the state — is affected by the rodeo.

Have you been to the Crooked River Roundup? What was your experience there? Is rodeo a big part of your local community? What affect does it have on your local economy?

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