A student walks across Oregon State University's campus in this file photo.

A student walks across Oregon State University’s campus in this file photo.

Oregon State University/Flickr

  • Portland journalist Patrick Symmes has been covering Cuba for over 25 years. One year ago he was in the country to witness former Cuban president Fidel Castro’s funeral. We talk to him about how the country has changed in the last year and the effect of President Trump’s policies on U.S.-Cuba relations.
  • Oregon State University president Ed Ray announced this week that the school will be renaming three of its buildings after concerns were raised about the values and views of the men they were named after. We talk to OSU historian Stacey Smith, who headed the historical building research team, and Steve Clark, who chaired the architectural building renaming committee, about what went into the decision and how these kinds of controversies will be handled in the future.                           
  • Parents from an Oregon high school are suing the Dallas School District, among others, over the district’s policy that allows transgender students to use the locker room and bathroom of their choice. Plaintiffs Kris Golly and Lori Porter join us. Last week, we heard from the transgender student at the center of the lawsuit. 

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