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Cycle Oregon at 25

Pete Springer/OPB

If you’re new to Oregon or don’t go in for two-wheeled fun much, you may not have heard of Cycle Oregon. Otherwise, it’s kind of hard to miss. It’s a week-long biking event that people line up for by the thousands. On the one hand, the ride is a test of physical endurance, traversing 417 to 490 miles depending on the options you choose. But it’s also, according to many reports, a festival with music, great food and activities every night.  

The ride has taken cyclists through a different route for each of its 25 years. It goes deliberately through rural towns and areas that could use an economic boost. Some of the proceeds of the ride go to those communities; some are used for bike related projects.

Have you ridden in Cycle Oregon? What are the best and worst parts of the ride? Do you live in a town that Cycle Oregon riders travel through? What was the experience of hosting the ride like?

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