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Damascus & The Sellwood Bridge

Pete Springer/OPB

Clackamas County voters will decide this month whether or not to approve a $5 annual vehicle registration fee that would help fund the Sellwood Bridge replacement. The bridge is in Multnomah County, but a transportation bill passed by the legislature in 2009 included a provision allowing counties with larger populations to enact new fees in order to help fund the bridge’s replacement. After the Clackamas County commission unanimously approved the vehicle registration fee, a group opposed to the idea gathered more than 7,000 signatures to put the issue before voters.

Also on this month’s ballot: a plan for growth in the recently incorporated city of Damascus. The comprehensive plan is part of a process for mapping out population growth and development. It was approved by a majority vote in the city council. The mayor voted against it and he’s not alone in his opposition. Damascans are at odds over how their town should grow and where development should be restricted.

Do you live in Damascus? What do you think of the comprehensive plan? How would you like to see your city grow?

Do you use the Sellwood Bridge? Do you worry about how safe it is? How do you think a replacement should be funded?


  • Dan Holladay: Co-cheif petitioner for the referendum that put the Sellwood Bridge Replacement Fee on the ballot
  • Jim Bernard: Clackamas County Commissioner
  • Dean Apostol: Works with the Save Damascus campaign
  • Josh Lattin: Chief petitioner for the referendum that put the comprehensive plan on the ballot
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