The Phoenix High School boys' varsity soccer team plays Valley Catholic on Saturday, Sept. 7 2019 in Talent, Oregon. 

The Phoenix High School boys’ varsity soccer team plays Valley Catholic on Saturday, Sept. 7 2019 in Talent, Oregon. 

Photo by Anne Redding 



  • Longtime PCUN director and co-founder Ramon Ramirez retired at the end of August. We talk with Ramirez about leading the oldest Latino organization in Oregon, and the past and future of migrant farmworkers’ rights in the state.



  • The city of Newport’s water supply depends on two dams, which like more than 70 others in the state of Oregon are considered “high hazard” dams. Recently city officials conducted a public tour to highlight structural instability that would result in catastrophic failure in the event of certain — even moderate —earthquakes. The legislature allocated $4 million toward dam replacement, but the overall funding for the project is close to $70 million. They’re still years away from fully funding the necessary construction. We hear from Timothy Gross, director of public works and a city engineer at the City of Newport.



  • The Phoenix-Talent School District in southern Oregon recently decided to drop all “pay-to-play” fees for students involved in sports and other extracurricular activities. Officials say Phoenix-Talent families had been paying up to $200 per year in fees. We hear from Phoenix High School assistant principal and athletic director Dave Ehrhardt and 25-year-old boys’ head soccer coach Dennis Flenner about how the change will impact students.

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