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Dan Wieden Talks About W+K

Pete Springer/OPB

Dan Wieden says that when he and David Kennedy began the advertising company Wieden & Kennedy in 1982, all they wanted was “work on Nike and do some really great work and grow to maybe a couple dozen folks.” They started in the basement of a Portland labor union hall with a pay phone, a borrowed typewriter, and an idea: Just Do It.

Now W+K is one of the largest independently owned advertising companies in the world, with offices in cities including New York, London, and Tokyo. It’s launched successful campaigns for  Coca-Cola, ESPN, Facebook, Proctor & Gamble and Old Spice (to name a few).

But with all this growth and success, the main office remains in Portland. And it’s an office unlike many others. There’s a basketball court, a sunny deck, and a room hanging above the atrium called “the nest.”

That’s where we’ll be for this show, talking to Dan Wieden about the succes of W+K, his philosophy of advertising, the “sticky“ culture he’s created, and why he loves chaos.

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OPB | Broadcast: May 8, 2013