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Dangerous Year at the Lucky Friday Mine

Pete Springer/OPB

The recent collapse at the Lucky Friday silver mine in Idaho left seven miners injured after a rock burst 6,000 feet underground. The mine has been fully evacuated and is closed until further notice. Wednesday night’s accident was the third major accident at the mine since April, which have resulted in two fatalities. 

Last week, the Mine Safety and Health administration released a report that criticized the mine’s owner, Hecla Mining, for “not having policies and procedures that provided for safe mining,” and “failing to design, install, and maintain a support system” that would have held up the rock that killed 53-year-old Larry Marek.

These incidents, along with a second death last month, have raised questions about Hecla Mining’s policies. OPB’s Jessica Robinson has been following the events all year.

What questions do you have about the string of accidents at the Lucky Friday Mine?


  • Jessica Robinson: Coeur d’Alene based reporter for OPB News
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