One of the many subsections in Powell's City of Books' flagship store in downtown Portland.

One of the many subsections in Powell’s City of Books’ flagship store in downtown Portland.




  • The beginning of the New Year brings new Oregon laws into effect. We sit down with The Oregonian/’s politics reporter Hillary Borrud to get the run-down.



  • We listen back to our 2017  interview with author Gary Ferguson about his book, “Land on Fire.” It explains why we are facing larger and bigger wildfires in the Pacific Northwest every year.



  • When Miriam Sontz started working at Powell’s there were four or five other independent booksellers in downtown Portland she had also applied with for the job. We talk with Sontz about some of the changes she’s seen in the store, in the company and in the bookselling industry.

Editor’s note: Another segment we had scheduled for this hour was an interview with California lawmaker Kansen Chu, who has introduced a bill for permanent daylight saving. (Voters approved keeping the state on Daylight Saving Time year round.) But at the last minute Chu had to reschedule. We’ll bring that conversation to you as soon as we can.

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