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Death of Bradley Lee Morgan

Pete Springer/OPB

Yesterday OPB reporter April Baer spent the morning in downtown Portland covering the death of 21-year-old Bradley Lee Morgan. A confrontation with police ended in his death. Here’s April’s story:

The man who died on Wednesday during a confrontation with Portland Police officers has been identified as 21-year-old Bradley Lee Morgan. The investigation into Morgan’s death is ongoing — an autopsy will be conducted Thursday.

Police say the incident began when a 911 call came in from a man who said he’d committed a robbery at knifepoint, and planned to jump off a nine-story building downtown.

Dispatchers determined he was on a parking structure, and police narrowed their search down to the Smart Park at Southwest 3rd and Alder. They began talking to a suspect they now identify as Morgan at 3:40 a.m.

Four minutes later, they called for a mobile mental health team and crisis negotiators. But a police statement says that ten minutes later, at approximately 4:01 a.m., officers saw Morgan pull out an object they described as a handgun. They fired at him. Morgan dropped out of sight, and was subsequently found dead on an elevated platform.

Police say the object in Morgan’s hand turned out to be a replica firearm.

A suspect of the same name and age as Morgan appears to have been arrested in Gresham last week for harassment and other charges.


April joins us to tell us more of what she discovered.


  • APRIL BAER: Reporter, OPB News
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