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Democratic National Convention: Day One

Pete Springer/OPB

Today marks the first official day at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Highlights are expected to include the vote on the party platform and a speech tonight by first lady Michelle Obama.

But Charlotte has already been buzzing with activity related to the DNC. Hundreds of protesters gathered in the financial district on Sunday to protest Bank of America and other banks that have their headquarters here. (Charlotte is second only to New York as the largest banking city in the country.) Yesterday, James Taylor and Jeff Bridges performed for a crowd of around 30,000 at CarolinaFest, an event put on by the Convention but open to the public.

We’ll hear from some of the Oregon delegation about their expectations for the week, and learn a little more about how the banking industry in Charlotte is reacting to its temporary visitors.

What are your expectations for the DNC? What do you want to hear the speakers address?

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