The old Roosevelt Middle School this past July, in the stages of demolition.

The old Roosevelt Middle School this past July, in the stages of demolition.

Brian Bull/KLCC



  • In 2018, the city of Portland passed an ordinance that required inspectors to be present “during demolition activities” for houses. The rule was meant to prevent lead dust from spreading when older homes were demolished. But freelance journalist Daniel Forbes found that the city has failed to analyze how often inspectors were onsite when buildings were destroyed. Forbes joins us to discuss his reporting, which was recently published in Willamette Week.



  • A recent state-by-state comparison of premature birthrates in the U.S. put Oregon at the top of the list, with the lowest premature birth rate. But looking more closely, those rates remain high for Oregon women of color. We’ll dig into the factors at play with the head of Obstetrics at Oregon Health and Sciences University, Aaron Caughey, and ask why the U.S. has a relatively high rate overall compared with other developed countries.



  • Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish keeps a gavel in his office from the Nixon impeachment hearings. It belonged to his father, Hamilton Fish Jr., who served on the House Judiciary Committee in 1974 and was one of six Republicans who voted to approve articles of impeachment. Fish joins us to look back on his father’s role in the impeachment process following the Watergate scandal.

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