Sunlight reflects off solar panels west of Pendleton, Oregon, along Interstate 84.

Sunlight reflects off solar panels west of Pendleton, Oregon, along Interstate 84.

E.J. Harris/East Oregonian

  • A new report from Food and Water Watch looks at Oregon’s state standards for renewable energy. Report co-author Patrick Woodall says not all renewable energy is clean energy. In Oregon, the state classifies wood burning and waste incineration, among others, as renewable energy. But researchers say these methods still create greenhouse gases.
  • On July 19, professional endurance athlete Colin O’Brady reached the summit of Mount Hood and set a new world record — reaching all 50 states’ highest point in 21 days. Now having set three mountaineering world records, Colin O’Brady joins us in the studio to talk about his latest feat.

  • An ongoing OHSU study hopes to use big data to identify trends in aging adults by installing sensors in participants’ homes. The sensors track participants’ daily activity including their gait, sleep and overall activity. Researchers think the technology could change the way doctors diagnose a number of diseases. We talk with Dr. Jeffrey Kaye, director of Oregon Center for Aging & Technology at OHSU, and Jimmy Moore, a participant in the study.

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