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Doug Fine On The Promise of Industrial Hemp

Doug Fine

Doug Fine

Doug Fine calls himself a comic investigative journalist, but he’s deadly serious about what he sees as the potential for industrial help production. Fine says the rapid political developments in hemp law while he was in the midst of writing his new book Hemp Bound frankly took him by surprise. He says, “I’m just not used to winning big, important social battles outright.” He’s talking about the passage of the Farm Bill, and its provision legalizing university research in states that allow it.

Fine makes the case that farmers in hemp-legal states like Oregon could soon make some serious money. In Canada, for example, where hemp production has been legal for about 15 years, it has grown into a billion dollar a year industry.

Some of the unique appeals of the plant, Fine says, include its soil healing properties, its lack of need for pesticides and its commercial applications: from fuel to fiber to building materials that can be not only carbon neutral but carbon negative.

Doug Fine will be at Powell’s City of Books on Sunday and has appearances next week in Washington. We’ll talk with him to find out more about why he’s convinced this country is hemp bound.

Do you use hemp products? What questions do you have about growing or consuming hemp?

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