The most "old school cool" photo of all time?: Henry Pittock (center) with the Mazamas

The most “old school cool” photo of all time?: Henry Pittock (center) with the Mazamas

Courtesy of the Pittock Mansion Society



  • Hotter, drier summers in Oregon are killing Douglas firs and some other native tree species, according to the Oregon Department of Forestry. Since 2012, Oregon has experienced a drought each summer and climate scientists only expect the state to become hotter and drier. Oregon Department of Forestry forest pathologist Sarah Navarro tells us what that means for Oregon’s trees.



  • The Mazamas are celebrating 125 years in the Northwest. The nonprofit mountaineering organization was established at the summit of Mount Hood on July 19, 1894. The Mazamas encouraged members to mark the quasquicentennial anniversary with a climb, of course, and they’ll continue the celebration with an open house event July 28. Mazamas library and historical collections manager Mathew Brock fills us in on the rich history of the organization. 



  • When Cody Sheehy was 6 years old he got lost in the woods. Sheehy grew up in the Wallowa Valley of Eastern Oregon, so the woods he got lost in were vast. But the 6-year-old decided that he would find his way out. So he followed a forest road and walked around 20 miles to the nearest town. Oregon writer Emma Marris wrote about Sheehy in Outside Magazine. Sheehy tells us how the episode affected his later life.

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