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Eastern Oregon Film Fest | Home Rule Charter | Art Restoration

Filmmaker Matt McCormick's grandparents are featured in his latest film, "Buzz One Four."

Filmmaker Matt McCormick’s grandparents are featured in his latest film, “Buzz One Four.”

Matt McCormick


  • The Eastern Oregon Film Festival was named one of the 25 “coolest” film festivals in the world by MovieMaker magazine. What does that mean? OPB’s “State of Wonder” is headed to La Grande this weekend to check it out. April Baer joins us.


  • Voters in Douglas County are being asked if they want to overhaul the way their county government works. Enacting a Home Rule Charter would increase the number of commissioners but slash their salaries, and create a new position: a county manager. Our guests are former Douglas County Commissioner Doug Robertson and Diana Larson with the Home Rule Charter campaign.


  • You can learn a lot about artwork by doing a chemical analysis. Portland State University chemistry professor Tami Lasseter Clare just got a grant from the Mellon Foundation to study artwork at five different museums in the Northwest. It’s the first time many of those institutions will have access to a conservation scientist.

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