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Echoes of '77

Pete Springer/OPB

As Portland’s only major-league sports team, the Trail Blazers are making a comeback as one of the NBA’s top teams. They aren’t fully there yet, but for many, this Blazer playoff return evokes memories of the euphoria of 1977, the only time the team won the championship.

But is another championship in their future? Portlanders aren’t the only ones who believe this team has what it takes to dominate the NBA in coming years. This Friday, we’re taking a look back at the storied 1977 team — you can re-live the triumphant final minutes here — and thinking about what the future could hold for the franchise.

Do the Blazers hold a special place in your heart? What were you doing in 1977 when the Blazers won the championship? What did you do to celebrate their big win? Did you become a fan at a
later time? Have you been a fan ever since?


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