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Eclipse: Symbiosis Fest | Port of Portland | Murals | PSU President

Rahmat Shoureshi, 64, became the ninth president of Portland State University in August 2017.

Rahmat Shoureshi, 64, became the ninth president of Portland State University in August 2017.

Portland State University



  • This week, OPB’s State of Wonder is driving across Oregon ahead of the eclipse, checking out the preparations towns in the path of the totality are making. Today they’re in the middle of the Ochoco National Forest at the Symbiosis Fest.



  • The new executive director of the Port of Portland joins us to discuss the agency’s role in economic development, changes to the Portland International Airport and the clean up of the Portland Harbor Superfund Site.



  • A Portland couple may have to remove a mural painted on their house for their 20th wedding anniversary because of a city code which prohibits murals on residential buildings with fewer than five units. We talk to Ted and Amy Occhialino about their efforts to keep their mural, and Phil Nameny, city planner with the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, who helped develop the rules for mural permits.



  • As of this week, Rahmat Shoureshi is the new president of Portland State University. We talk with him about his vision for PSU and his impressions of Portland.

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