'Think Out Loud' visited Astoria for its 'Our Town' series. 

‘Think Out Loud’ visited Astoria for its ‘Our Town’ series. 

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  • As businesses begin shutting down and laying off workers, the economic impacts of the new coronavirus are just beginning to be felt in Oregon. What will the long term impacts be? Joshua Lehner, an economist with the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, is looking into it.



  • Spring break usually signals the beginning of the tourism season in seaside towns like Astoria. But the coronavirus pandemic means fewer visitors, event cancellations and restaurant closures. David Reid, executive director for the Astoria Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce, says that the pandemic will have a lasting impact on coastal economies. 



  • Portland writer Claire Rudy Foster describes themselves as a “queer, nonbinary, trans single parent in recovery.” Their latest collection of short stories is called “Shine of The Ever.” The queer and trans characters in the stories have familiar struggles, from love problems to paying the rent. We sit down with Foster to talk about the book and about the responses they’ve heard from readers.

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